Friday, October 22, 2010

Comparing the Change

 Here is me....last week. 

 Here I

 Cheesing it up for the 'booth!

I am really enjoying this change!

[don't you love our awesome cabinetry??? we do. lol]

When my hairdresser finished, he said, "You know...sometimes when I do people's hair, I look at them at the end and think: this is what you should have looked like all along." haha
Tyler said, "Do you think he was talking about you?"
I don't know for sure. I love having orange hair 24/7, but this deep red is definitely a keeper!

Yay for Fall!


Stacie said...

love love your hair! turned out great! Glad you are feeling better too

Jessica said...

It's so cute! Love the change!
And I love you cabinets too :) We had them for a year as well.

Sarah Newsom said...

I love it! You look gorgeous,Happy Fall.

Jessica said...

LOVE it! Wish I had the guts to do that with my hair! It wouldn't turn out as cute on me, though, because you're the hottest.

MacMui Mom said...

Cute hair! Cute girl!

Jalene said...

i love it! the bangs are so cute!

Katy said...

i adore this new 'do!!!

you look so chic and stylish and gorgeous!!!!!!!!