Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Ok. First things first. 

1: I am feeling so much better. No more BC = no more sickness.
2. Got 40.5 hours in at work within 3 days. Nice. 
3. Tyler took a trip to the store and bought me this:

-Intuition Razor: I tried them long ago, and now I'm back, baby! 
Pomegranate flavored. Ooooo. I smell like heaven. 
Try it!

4. A first: I washed my hair with baking soda tonight. Since I left my straightner in Logan, 
my hair has been fighting me. So, I tried it. Used conditioner still, since my hair is unruly. 
Amazing. I cannot say enough. 
My hair feels amazing, and it behaved well! haha 
(2 cups water, boiled [i have hard water] + 1/4 cup baking soda.
turn burner off. wait for effervescence [or bubbles] to stop.
cool. put in bottle [old shampoo, etc that's been rinsed out]. apply to hair. 
use the mantra "lather, rinse, repeat."

5.   Looking forward to Tuesday. But not really. End of work, yes!
Tyler leaves for St. Louis [bro's wedding], boo. Not the marriage, but to being lonely on a week off. 
- hair cut / dye 
[maybe i'll go dark!?]
I had some more.... Hm. 

6. Reading a really fun series right now: Garth Nix [author]
Mister Monday
Grim Tuesday
Drowned Wednesday
They're all after days of the week.
Obviously, there's 7. 
I'm on Tuesday.
7. Tyler is dressed up as a skeleton tonight, performing at an event. Who knew breakin' was so lucrative? haha

Now...time to find something to eat! Cookie dough, anyone?


mb said...

I love this whole post.

Katy said...

oh boy, i'm so so SO behind on a thousand blogs, i'm sorry!

first off, i'm so glad you're feeling better- i HATE being sick!

and secondly, homemade bagels?! wow, that's awesome!!!!

as for this post, loved it!

I'm excited to try out the ol' baking soda recipe... my hair is looking really trollish!

good luck with the week of being husbandless... wish you could have gone with Ty to STL!

love you much girl, you're fabulous!