Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homemade Bagels

Hello all!

Notice that I'm typing this at 5:50pm on a Tuesday. I'm supposed to be working.

Long story made short: Sick last Wed-Friday, went to Logan Sat night-Mon morning, and Monday night = sick again. I think it has something to do with the new "BC Pill" I'm on. Bleh. Have any of you ever taken Yasmin? I did years ago. Now, I think its slowly poisoning me. But, great job + great boss = finish all of my work in 3.5 hrs --> go home.

Now, I feel like there's a pit in my stomach and a trail of tortuous acid from my throat down into the pit. Hence, my new-founded love for technology :) Thank you bloggers for keeping me entertained while I've been conscious today!

Onto the topic: Homemade Bagels. I couldn't believe that making these could be so easy! I would take pictures, but 1: made them last night before going to dinner with fab friends, and 2: they're practically gone - they're the only thing I've been able to eat lately!

I found the post on Jessica's blog, and she linked the recipe from Hubpages. Click on the baking section of Jessica's blog and search for the bagel pictures! So many varieties!  I cannot wait to make more. And what Jess says is so true - homemade = way better than store bought!

ps: Tyler was so much better at actually rolling out and forming the bagels. Who woulda thunk? I'm loving this discovery! He now has a new calling in life - making the bagels!


Jenny said...

Yasmin DID poison me. I can't even tell you the hell I went through for our first year of marriage as my health slowly deteriorated. I finally was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and sent to a specialist. She switched my birth control, and wha-la, I went from barely being able to function for 8-9 hours a day (literally sleeping 13-16 hours a day - every day for months on end) to being able to live again. Anyway, it was a miserable and sad way to start a marriage; I hear the word Yasmin and I just have to cringe.

Jalene said...

bleh. i'm sorry you got sick again :(

dinner was fun. we like you people. we should do that more often.

Jessica said...

3 things:
1. I'm glad you liked the bagels. I love them. And I'm glad I entertain you.
2. I've heard bad stuff about Yasmin. Like, my boss got in on a class action suit against them because of some side effects she suffered. But she's a little crazy, so take that with a grain of salt.
3. Yeah... the flu... right. Bwa ha ha - I'm so funny!