Friday, October 1, 2010

Continue in Patience

Today at work, I sat thinking about the 'things' that I am looking forward to for this fall season. New jacket? Yes please! New haircut/style? Yes please! Saving up for a house? very slowly.... etc. The list went on, as I sat starting at the computer screen, waiting for the testing I was working on to finish. Alone in our "validation" room, I daydreamed until I caught myself spiraling out of control. Not in a bad way - but in the way where you get so excited about so many new things, that your brain just sends up the tiniest of red flags:
"Warning. You will soon self-destruct." Thank you, self. I might have started jumping around (that came much later, in the presence of others...). So I started reading, which I am very happy our computer system lets us access.

In the process, I discovered that I could watch the Mormon Messages (from YouTube, which is huge at work), and this is the one I loved today. (Elder Holland's still makes me cry, so I watched this one twice, one before and once after, to get rid of the tears.) Its so fun. And touching. Another great one is Listening to the Spirit with the radio. So, in preparation for my radio-filled, conference weekend, this is what I bring to you:

Continue in Patience

I really hope you have a great weekend, full of answers, tiny and true, and also peace for a better you.


Alan and Kiersten said...

you have NO idea how much i needed that this morning! thank you for answering a prayer i had last night. i re-posted it on my blog. i hope you don't mind! i love you!

Jenny said...

Krista, you're awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience and testimony and being a living example of how to incorporate the teachings of our Savior into our daily lives. I hope you enjoy this wonderful and inpiring weekend!