Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Sickness.

Yesterday, I felt like this:
(except that I had straight hair). 

Last night at 3:13am, I felt like this:

During the hours of 3-6am, I participated in the Bill Cosby skit of  "Oh Toilet Bowl, oh Toilet Bowl." (See below, minus the drinking, around 4:50?)

Then, I took a shower or two. Felt dizzy again, and looked like this, so I laid down on a bunch of towels I've laid on the floor. Looking like so:

Then, at 6:30, all of the reverse gears had stopped, and I appeared like this:

 Today, I was exhausted; nauseous; etc. The day looked as follows (except my hair was much curlier)!

Now, off to the store for 7Up. My favorite flavor - Pomegranate. Delish. On sale this week!
Today has consisted of Harry Potter (#7), Visiting Teaching, Ocean's 13, Honey Toast, and finally, chocolate chip cookies. Oh, so good. Now, off to the store for 7Up.

Bleh. I'm never going to look at chili the same way. -sigh- I love chili. (And, I made Jalepeno + Sour Cream + Cheddar biscuits. Delish.) Oh well! Here's to a much better night!


Jalene said...

pomegranate 7-up is delish.

sorry you were sick :(

Jessica said...

Two things:
1. Sorry you're sick
2. Love your blog design. Teach me how you did it? Mine needs a makeover. It's feelin' a little too... well... I dunno. I just like yours better. :p

Jessica said...

Oh I'm so sorry...that sounds awful! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
I can't eat chili either. During my first trimester, I swear that is what my inlaws had every week for Sunday dinner. After puking chili that many times, it just isn't appealing anymore.

Katy said...

UUUUUGh.... i hate, hate hate being sick.

i'm sorry you feel like crap... hopefully it passes soon. And i MUST try the new 7-up... sounds awesome!

hugs and loves your way!

justified said...

oh man - sorry you're sick! Hope you get feeling better quick! I do love the pomegranate 7-Up though!! But it's always better eating and drinking when you're not worried about having it all come back up... haha
Hope you're doing better!

Abby said...

Ewww, so sorry. Throwing up is awful.. so I hear. Don't do it much. But glad you're feeling better. A little Clooney and Pitt always makes things better. :) OH and sweets of course! So, I think everyone made chili last night... you, me, my sis Katie. How funny.

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

Hope you're feeling better! Also, I am almost done making my own Mr. Bones, and it was much more time consuming than I anticipated! I'll post a picture soon.