Saturday, November 20, 2010


[peanut-butter + chocolate = heaven]
It all started out with a trip to Smitten Kitchen + a BOSCH.
Pretty sure I love that site more than life.
She featured these delicious treats a while back!

This is how you feel after eating more than 2.
Gloriously swirly! They're my new fav for Christmas treats!
Seriously, so easy, so divine!

You should check out the link, and try them out!
I'm excited to give these away for Christmas presents to the neighbors this year!
What are you going to make for holiday treats!?

Thank you Smitten Kitchen.
You are the staple of my kitchen.
I cannot wait to buy the cookbook!
Thank you Jenny & Andrew Shadel!
I definitely BOSCHed it today!
Heaven, indeed!

ps: when I made these a 2nd time [aka the last half of the batch] I used milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet. I think I'll use semi-sweet from now on :)


Katy said...

BUCKEYES!!! Taylor's a major OSU fan and life wouldn't be worth living if we didn't kick off the college football season with a batch of buckeyes to eat while cheering the Buckeyes on! This makes me love you EVEN MORE... is that even possible?

mb said...

Oh my gosh. Seriously. This makes me miss home so much. Any big Ohio gathering someone always had buckeyes. Ward parties, family get togethers...anything! I think I need to make some to pay homage to my home state.