Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for my Niche

My thankful post is a little late - but I've thought about it a lot lately, so I hope you'll find a bit to be grateful for within it, too.

I'm grateful for not being perfect. 

While this might not be something we're in love with all the time, recently I've come to appreciate this fact. You see, I've spent the last little while looking at others and their amazing talents. I started to feel a bit down. I can't do that, I'm not as good at this, etc. [enter tiny portion of self-doubt] That's a pretty normal cycle for all of us to go through, I think.

Then gratitude stepped in.

I have to say that I'm thankful for people who are willing to share their talents. Whether its through blogging, picturesque inspiration, or great recipes that they've contributed, I am thankful that I get to learn from them. I learn more about beautifying my home; more about whipping up edible morsels; more about capturing the joy in the moment. 

I am very grateful for the gift of "self" that others contribute to a selfish world.

Through those gifts of "self," I believe that we come to know ourselves just that much better. I still stress about not decorating my home to Martha's standards, but I am grateful for affordable housing + sturdy cinder block walls + limited space. I'm grateful to be young and daring. I'm grateful to have a spouse that encourages my every attempt. I'm grateful for free furniture from in-laws, friends, and the dumpster [haha]. I'm grateful that my marriage started out as humbly as it has. I'm grateful for those who've picked us up along the way, and shown us their faith through kind acts. I'm grateful for being able to still learn - I'm so grateful that I don't have to have it "all-together" yet. And, I'm grateful for those who have gone before, I'm grateful for those who are traveling with us along this road, and I cannot wait to help those that find themselves where we once were.

Its going to be a good ride. 

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Jenny said...

Thanks for your post! I think you are amazing and I would just have to hate you if you were COMPLETELY perfect. (Although now that you have me thinking about it, what part of you isn't perfect again?)