Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards + Thank You Dilemma

So, I have a dilemma that I'll start out with. Its a bit swirly, so read it and feel free to share advice!

When Tyler and I were married, we flew out that same night on a red-eye to Atlanta, and then after a 5 hr layover, flew to the Virgin Islands [haha, I know]. Then, after a week in paradise, we flew straight to DE, spent 2 days there, and flew straight back for my first day of classes.

When our family helped move the presents from the receptions to Ty's parents house, the cards were all mixed up. So, unless the gift came with a packing slip, we never knew who got us what.

I've been debating on what to do for a while. I really wanted to thank people not only for the gifts that they gave us [because we never would have made it through our first year of marriage without them], but especially for the gifts of "self" that they gave us throughout the years. Seriously, I never would have made it through my teenage years without the people in my home ward, my college experiences, and of course, my YW leaders. How do you thank someone for that type of gift without being cheesy?!

Well, I've composed a Thank-You card that expresses that. We really wanted to use a wedding photo, but b/c our original photos [sucked] weren't delivered until Nov of that year, and I cried over them, I couldn't send them out. Now that Jalene, bless her heart, has given us beautiful wedding photos, I have the poem over-layed on a photo, making a card. I'm thinking postcard, but I do want to thank the people whose cards remained attached [Mrs. Swift for the beautiful glassware, Wade Haus + family for my favorite dishes, and Aunt Sue for the beautiful china from BBB, etc]. So, maybe a 2 panel card for those who I know gave me specific gifts, and postcards for the general thank-yous?

Now, there's nothing that I can really do about it. I feel like its better to be generally grateful than never grateful at all. So, I'd like to send them out during the holiday season [bc its soon, and I've already waited a billion and a half years to do it].

What do you think???

And, while you're musing over that, here's a great promo! Shutterfly is giving away 50 free Christmas cards for bloggers! Click here for the info! I'm so excited, because I've never sent Christmas cards and these are actually dang cute.

 Here are the options they sent me in an email:

·         Christmas photo cards to
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This is my favorite today:

I would upload all of my pictures, but its slightly odd in the sense that you can only upload JPEG, not JPG files, which means I'd have to "re-save" all of my pictures to JPEG. So, be aware of that when you try and upload pictures! [I cooked my chicken a little too long today b/c of this craziness...go figure.]

Check out the deal, and send your advice my way!!!!

Enjoy :]

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Katy said...

NEVER think that gratitude is cheesy!! sometimes it may seem that way, but i LOVE cheesy! but most importantly, if you've got people to thank- do it! It'll be so loved by everyone who gets one and you'll feel great. So, DO IT! Send away. no fear! besides, when i'm in my 50's and big and soft and wrinkles are taking over and grey hair is streaking in... i'll be reaching for my wedding photos to send out for Christmas cards, believe me! :)

love you girl!