Friday, November 12, 2010

Sounding Off - HP

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For those of you who are all jazzed about the new HP movie I just have a poll I would like you to take, considering the following information:

-There is a nude scene. Not one, but TWO.

-Harry in one (that kid is so into that right now; broadway, etc.), and he and Hermionie in another.

-Those parts, obviously, aren't in the books.

Now I'm all angry. I loved the books and want them as unadulterated [yes, I meant it] as possible. Boo. Really? Do all good things have to be ruined with some 'new-modern-twist?' What if I liked it the way it was?

Someone will undoubtedly say, "Well, its not like its full-frontal nudity!" Regardless, its lame. I was mad in every single HP movie up to this point because they left out the best lines, funny situations, etc. I know you can't write every single line into the movie, but I have the books memorized, for Pete's sake. What else is a girl to do?!

So, I want to know. What will you do!?
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ps: try and keep your comments PG. haha


Jalene said...

i was way mad when i heard that too. i don't know what to do about seeing it now. seriously, why would they corrupt an obvious CHILDREN'S BOOK/MOVIE! i can't believe that threw that in. i read an article that said something like, "we know if wasn't in the book but we wanted to show a sweet young moment between harry and ginny."

yuck!! seriously? boo. i'm way mad.

Hikari said...

I've read up a lot on it one of the scenes. The first one will be a "nude" scene between Harry and Hermoine, which is supposed to be very passionate. Voldemort puts a curse or something on Ron so that he'll be filled with hate and jealousy. Since Ron love Hermoine he'll see a vision of her passionately kissing Harry, while both appear naked.

I don't know anything about the second nude scene.

Either way, I'm angry too. I think it's way lame that they would add an unnecessary scene like that. It wasn't part of the book AND it's going to cause an uproar. Lots of parents aren't going to let their kids see it. I think they did themselves a disservice and will lose money for adding it. Not worth it.

The Ellis Fam said...

I love the HP too. I'm with you all the way on loving the books and having them memorized. I have read all the books seen all the movies and like everything, the books are always better. I like the movies just to help give me a visual on the things I read. I imagine the scenes that aren't shown but I imagine them in the movie type way, if that makes sense. Anyway, will I see HP despite the nudity? Yes! will it bug me? YES! Is it stupid that they added this? MOST DEFINITELY! I think that a lot of people will go see it and feel the same and that's partly why they did it. The film makers don't care if it's there if it wont stop ppl from going to see it. Not only that but the stupid ppl who are IN LOVE with HP to the point of him being the teen idol, will spend even more money seeing it over and over again. If you google HP and look at images you will find lots of photo shop pic's of all the HP cast being too close (I needed pic to make an american girl outfit of Hermoine, I wasn't looking for those gross ones). Anyway, I'll shut up.

Alan and Kiersten said...

i heard about this too. i actually just re-read the deathly hallows in preparation for the movie (because i'm cool like that) and i believe the one scene is at kings cross where even in the book it says harry is naked (pg. 705). HOWEVER, i don't think it's an important enough detail that they needed to include it in the movie. they leave out so many other important stuff that i find it annoying that they are sure to include that bit of information. and the scene between hermione and harry is just ridiculous. any excuse to add some nudity. will i still go see it? yes.

Brian D said...

I'm not sure its as bad as you might think. The parent guide on imdb makes it seem fairly mild. Still, unnecessary...

Katy said...

I watched the movie this weekend. I thought it was great (i've never read the books... YET!) but i immediately told Taylor that our kids will NOT be watching them until they are as old as us.... and that's even pushing it :)

it was VERY unnecessary to have them naked in that scene... VERY unnecessary... it would have gotten the same point across if they were dressed