Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I was writing this in a little notebook.
Then, I felt like I should send it to someone I know in need.
Then, I thought, 
maybe someone on the interweb might need to see it.

With that said, 
here is what I have found 

Hope you find it helpful, 
and ultimately,


"I have a few thoughts that I hope you'll enjoy - I thought of what I needed most out of the scriptures, and as I wrote my thoughts down while searching them, I basically ended up writing this entry as if I was talking to you. Stay strong, and read the following:

Comfort - Consolation - Finding Peace in the Lord

2 Nephi 8:12-16
     Why are we continually constrained by fear? Fear of man - when we know that ultimately the Savior will lead and guide us through the promptings of the Holy Ghost? Why should we be timid in our beliefs? Have FAITH.
     2 Timothy 1: 7-8

- Alma 17: 9-10
      Regardless of where we go, we can faithfully ask the Lord to go with us. Especially since the presence of His spirit (via the Holy Ghost) will cast the fear out of our hearts. As we cast our cares upon the Lord, He will, in turn, say unto us, "Be comforted." We simply need to invite Him into our lives by 1) asking with a sincere desire, 2) living as we know He would want us to live, 3) by searching for Him in our scriptures, and 4) by continually praying (silently, aloud, in our minds and hearts) to Him. In this way, He will know the desires of our hearts, and we will not only come to know Him better; we will also come to know ourselves how He knows us. As his sons and daughters.

- Alma 31:31
     Here, we see Alma ask the Lord to change something. Notice that he doesn't ask for God to change the situation or circumstances that he is in. He asks God to strengthen him. Alma prays for the strength and courage to change his circumstances; he doesn't pray to have his circumstances change, or to have his problems disappear. This is so important to understand. We may never fully have the ability to change certain situations that may come upon us in life, but we can change. Especially as we follow Alma's example and ask the Lord to help us change.

- D&C 84: 88
      The Lord will be with us. He will be on our right and on our left. His spirit will fill our hearts with hope, peace, and love. His angles will be 'round about' us, to bear us up. All we have to do is invite Him.

Faith gets us on our knees; trust in the Lord gets us back on our feet.

Print this out. Keep it with you. When you feel lonely, scared, or discouraged, pull this out and let it light your way in the darkness. Remember that you are loved, so loved.

We love you. Hold tight to that iron rod of love. We will always be praying for you. We hold you in our hearts. Love you."

So, even if we haven't spoken in a while,
know that you are loved. 

Know that you can find comfort all around you.
Even where you least expect it. 
And even when you least expect it. 

* Be of good cheer *

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