Friday, January 11, 2013

The Frist State

 Denver at 7 am ... 
what a time to fly!

 Little bear in the airport - just stretching out!

 Sophie was a very yummy treat!


 I think Tyler needed a bit more room for Ethan + the tray...
He's just sleepy :)
 Sophie's first plane ride too!

 Saturday night...all is calm

 This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Baby's first Christmas tree!
{it was only 12.5' this year. last year it was 14' I think}

 Trying to decorate!

 I spy Nana reading books to little bear...

 Julie gave us this fantastic singing book - 
It seriously saved our bacon numerous times...
and counting!
 Old New Castle...

 Such a great night!

Chadda and little bear...
Friends for life!

Ethan and I
{our silhouettes look a bit like a heart, no?}

After blind shopping,
we came out to find both Ethan and Papa looking like so.

 A happy bear is the best kind of bear.

Ethan is the king of Costco!

 Uncle Devin loves being an Uncle.
He cried when we left.
Isn't he the best?

 Another happy bear moment!

 Addison loves Ethan!

 Just some snuggle time. 

A fuzzy but fun picture before we tried to hit the airport!


Delaware was such a blast.
We were sad to not be able to see everyone,
and are looking forward to coming back soon!
We need to hit the beach!
And Rita's. 
Multiple trips to Rita's for sure!
The Boardwalk, funnel cake,
cheesesteaks, etc.
And of course,
friends, friends, friends!

See you soon DE!

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