Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Haus das Haus

The new house!

It was an incredible journey, and I am still letting it sink it.

We finally have our own space!

This has got to be my favorite place in the entire home. Ah, the kitchen!
There's a sliding glass door to the {R} of the island.
The island holds my sink and dishwasher, 
and could comfortably sit 6-8. 

Desk in the kitchen - matching granite countertops 
between the kitchen and the desk.

Living room...
the gas fireplace is a favorite!
There's also a secret tube in the wall that allows you to 
run all of your electrical from the wall
into one of the built-ins so that you don't have to see the wires. 
Nice touch, builder.

Tyler loves the banister.
That's the front door, right behind the banister,
that you can barely see.
The door to the {L} is the guest room.

View into the master bedroom from the stairs....
View from the top of the staircase...

This is a view from the top of the stairs.
Ethan's room and the 3rd bedroom upstairs.

Ethan's bathroom.
The guest bathroom is identical.

This is the "bonus room" as the builder called it.
Its more than half the size of our last apartment. 
420 sq. ft. of playtime!
Its an awesome bonus - a second living/family room, if you will.


Walk in linen closet attached to the Laundry room.
I love it.

Ethan's room...

From Ethan's room, you can see the Bountiful Temple
lit up at night.
Its really a special touch I hadn't thought about.
{Fun Fact : Tyler and I were married in that Temple}

Master Bedroom

A view of the walk-in closet.
Its a lot deeper than it looks; 
it extends to the {r}
and Tyler just might be able to fit all of his clothes and shoes in here.
Although, I don't know where I'll put my stuff ;)

View of the Master Bath - 
I can't wait to put a door there.

Shower and soaker tubby.

Counter space in the bathroom! 

This is a view of the coat closet and the guest bath.
There are 3 full bathrooms in the home, 
4 bedrooms.

These pictures are all from the day we closed.
Also the day that we had the flu.
And felt like death.
We could barely stand. 
As evidenced by Tyler.

I couldn't stand anymore to take pictures,
so here's another view from my vantage point,
sitting on the floor.
Love the kitchen!

Bear {Ethan} sitting in my sink.
Its so deep and long.
Its so nice to have that space!


Another cute picture of Bear.
Trying to relax and not throw up. 

Move-in day.
We could not have done it without fabulous family and friends.
Oh man. 
We never would have made it without them!

Thanks bunches!

More of the aftermath.

Tyler creepin' and we are definitely enjoying the fireplace!

My fridge came!!!!!!!

Mama and little bear. 
Loving the fire.

New washer/dryer.

Gift baskets from the builder, mortgage broker, and relator.


We have had such an incredible first week here!
We are slowly finding our things, 
moving in,
and working.
Tyler and I both started working within 2 days of moving in.
Its been a bit nuts.

There has also been an incredible cold front in Utah.
We came home one night to frozen pipes,
a potential gas leak,
found out that we can't get TV or Internet for a few months,
couldn't get the keys to our mailbox 
(the post office is hilarious),
and other exciting happenings :)

All part of being a homeowner. 
Everyone that has come out to help
(Questar gas representative, etc)
has been incredible and so helpful.

We managed to get through this week
without too much stress.
the stress totally showed up on my face,
via a giant cold sore.

So, all in all,
we are doing great!
I can't believe how our plans have drastically changed within a few months.
I can't believe that we are homeowners.
I actually really liked living in apartments.
And now, I'm really liking this kitchen.
I can't wait to find all of my kitchen stuff and start whipping stuff up!
Oh, and I have a gas range and double gas ovens.

We also have a 13 acre park with a great splash pad,
jungle gyms, pavillions, etc
that's just 2 blocks away.
And we belong to an HOA
that has pools, baby pools, work out rooms, game rooms, 
a gourmet kitchen for preparing such holidays as Thanksgiving,
There's a lot of fantastic things about living here,
and that's what I'm going to focus on.
I am really looking forward to making new friends,
and making all of my current friends come over to play ALL THE TIME.
I hope you understand why we've been a bit absent from blogland.

Soon to come,
posts from our DE visit. 

Happy 2013!


Ashley Webb said...

Oh my gosh! This is AmAzInG!!! You guys are super spoiled. :) I love it all!

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

It's a beautiful home Krista!! I'm in LOVE!!!! <3

Stacie said...

ohh wow wow wow!!That house is gorgeous! So lucky too I wish badly that I could live in a house right now although our place is not an apartment (its a 4plex) I am dying to have more space. Including a walk in closet. Where is it at in UT? If its not super far from where I am in Midvale , let me know and I'll come help you unpack or watch you son while you unpack or whatever! Your fridge has crunchy ice! Soooo cool